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We curate all the best vendors and venues in Omaha to give you the luxury experience you deserve; with every detail handled in advance. We have simplified the process for you and your partner, so much so, that your perfect wedding is ready right now to book. No need to spend time contacting vendors and locations trying to coordinate all the details yourselves - we did all that for you. 


Here at Tiny Luxe weddings, we believe in value, luxury, and couple-centered weddings. You need wedding planning to be simplified, which is why you have come to us. Let us alleviate your stress and concerns by providing the following with each Tiny Luxe Wedding.

  • Planning, Design and Coordination

  • Photography

  • Officiant

  • Venue

  • Music

  • Cake

  • Personal Florals

  • Luxury Decor

  • Invitations

  • And a host of upgrades from videography to catering …




Hi! I’m Katie …… As a mother of two little boys, I’ve grown over the past 6 years into an innovative and resourceful human. They have taught me a ridiculous amount of patience (or rather how to fake it until I can find a safe place to scream)! Most importantly, watching them has taught me that even the smallest moments in life are pure magic. The wonder of a child is such a pure thing that I aim to recreate it over and over again for my clients.

My 12 year marriage has shown me the power of that connection between people. I look for it now, all around me, and get a thrill when I see it in the people I photograph. I’m always searching for how your connection tells your story, and it feeds creativity right into my soul.

Nature is another huge inspiration. The way the leaves applaud the wind as it races by, the soft texture of dirt under my bare feet in the Spring, the lapping of the water against my kayak. We are all surrounded by it all the time, and it’s my job to see it in your story; and bring it forth so that you too can experience the world around you in a new way.

Photography and weddings are more than a job to me. They are a challenge to get people to slow down and enjoy the experiences that make up life. They are a reminder of how interesting, and beautiful, the mundane can be; and how our everyday moments shape our future selves. This is why Tiny Luxe is so important to me. It’s a chance to take the values in my life, and my photography business, and put them into practice from the start of the wedding experience, until the end of it.

Let’s celebrate the everyday, the love that sparks us all into life, the stories that surround us and the ones who support us. Let’s get weird, have fun, and be our unabashed selves.


  • Published over 19 Times

  • Celebrating my 12th Year of Marriage

  • Born Into the Millenial Generation

  • Wedding Photographer for 5 Years

  • The “Getting Dad to Smile in Group Photos” Whisperer

  • Professional Wedding Couple BodyGuard

  • Boy Mom

  • Furbaby Mom

  • Empath


Hi! I’m Kimberly …… I firmly believe that the perfect wedding shouldn’t be about extravagance or dollars spent, but about celebrating a bond between two people who wish to spend their lives in partnership. My goal as a wedding planner is to bring fun to every moment of a wedding day.  

With over 18 years experience creating luxury weddings in Southern California, I have honed my natural gifts as an innovator and organizer, into a highly competent planner with an eye for detail and design. I care deeply about sustainability and accessibility. I strive to bring those values to the table through all stages of the planning process. My clients will tell you I have a talent for quick-thinking, and maintaining calm in any situation. My job is not done until I deliver a flawless event, and I hear…”This is the best event we’ve ever been to!”.

Starting Tiny Luxe Weddings has been a decades long culmination of my passion for weddings, and love for design and style. I’m excited about the opportunities Tiny Luxe weddings affords me creatively, and I look forward to rolling up my sleeves to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences that help couples start their marriage off with less stress and more joy.

When I’m not designing weddings, you will find me adventuring with my two boys, watching Game of Thrones, sipping coffee or enjoying a jalapeno margarita with my husband of 11 years.


  • 18 year career, including celebrity weddings

  • Serial supporter of others

  • Recovering realist, living as a dreamer

  • Celebrating 11 years of marriage

  • History buff, obsessed with British monarchs

  • Cry at reunions, commercials, really anything

  • Boy mom

  • California native

  • Animal lover



This is a Story All About How ….

We decided to flip the wedding industry upside down



Tiny Luxe Weddings Omaha was born out of necessity. It was necessary for our hearts to create an experience for couples, that gave them back their weddings. We thrive on taking that stress away from you, and turn it into relief. With Kimberly’s experience creating luxury-level events for her clients, and Katie’s experience with truly intimate, couple-centered weddings, we knew we could marry the two into something magical. Yeah, we’re a little bit like wizards.

We are able to take all of the elements about wedding planning that take over your life, and simplify them into something that makes sense for you.

If you are into it, we are here to meet with you for coffee, or set up a call. We are never more than a phone call away should you have questions. Are you ready to check wedding planning off your list, and enjoy your engagement?