The fact that women are suited for such powerful positions in life, career, family and love should come as no surprise to anyone. 
Women owned businesses are powerful forces of nature. They are the resilience during the storm, the calm after, and the rebuilt nations that come later.  But they are also the storm. 
Vision, empathy, creative ingenuity, and passion are all qualities every human is capable of. Men, women, children.  Today however, I am reminded of these in the women I have met since moving to Omaha. 
People like this are all around my all of the time but here they are bright and blinding. Here they have become important and vibrant threads of my woven life. I am forever thankful. 
Their love and passion, strength and grace and pushing me further than I ever thought possible. 
There is a community here that I never thought was attainable for me, anywhere. There is hard work happening all around me and I am filled to the brim with hope and wonder (a little fear and self doubt too).
Thank you to all of the women I have been able to connect with since moving here. Watching you grow and become successful has been the biggest source of influence and motivation for me!
Making this photo possible - 
Floral: @bouquetomaha 
Sweets: @thebubblytart 
Styling: @kpweddingconsultant via @tinyluxeweddings 
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Tiny Luxe Weddings has secured a venue this summer that boasts clean, white brick and is ready to play host to candlelit ceremonies and lots of lush greenery. Get married with us on July 20th, 2019 and breathe a breath of fresh air for this epic modern escape.



Bright and bold! Our August event is inspired by bright abstract art. We can’t wait to whisk you away to a place where reality is mixed with heavy imagination and anything is possible. If your heart is set on vibrancy and playful colors, book your wedding with us in August and end the Summer season with warmth in your heart and a smile on your face.



Deep romance, deep colors, deep mystery. Set at the top of the world, the venue featured this month has an array of spectacular amenities that make it the perfect setting for the jewel toned decor. The abundance of natural light streaming in will play off the deep greens, purple, and blues. The richness of color is meant to center each couple and their guests in the moment, giving each of them a sense of place and purpose while witnessing the beautiful act of marriage taking place.