Intimate Omaha Wedding Venues || Spotlight - Turtle Doves Gretna, NE

When you are greeted so warmly and welcomingly from the owner, Sarah, it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with this place. As if its charm wasn’t enough. Sitting on a sleepy old town road which serves as the main strip for this particular part of town you will come across a store front that is anything but sleepy.

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Eloping in Nebraska || Angela + Kyle

Sometimes you need to step away, get some clarity, and choose a new path. Sometimes that means eloping. Our Nebraskan bride, Angela, came to us tired, stressed and ready to change course with her wedding plans. There were too many outside influences pulling her in different directions and she had decided it was enough. As sad as this is to say, being in the wedding industry for so long, we see this all the time. Weddings are a luxury and often not treated that way. It can be hard for people to set boundaries for themselves and the people around them which creates the perfect atmosphere for stress to breed.

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Wedding Citrus || Bright and Bubbly at The Holland Center in Omaha, NE

To create this look it was imperative that we harnessed the opportunity to showcase daytime weddings. Whether you are planning a large production with a guest count of 300 or a more intimate affair with less than 40 guests, a Tiny Luxe Wedding specialty, hosting your ceremony and reception in the daylight hours can be an exceptional treat. From floral details to real life citrus, the explosion of bold color in this wedding inspired shoot has melted away our winter blues.

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Omaha Wedding Give Away || Morgan + Tanner

We gave an intimate wedding away in Omaha for FREE!

Two people got married and they didn’t pay a single DIME! WAIT, WHAT!? Yeah, you heard us, we gave an entire luxury intimate wedding away with the help of the best wedding vendors in Omaha. 

I’ll wait while you process that… yup.  A wedding planner in Omaha giving away a wedding? Absolutely!

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