Eloping in Nebraska || Angela + Kyle

Eloping in Nebraska

Angela + Kyle’s Tiny Wedding from the Only All Inclusive Wedding Service in Omaha for Intimate Weddings


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Sometimes you need to step away, get some clarity, and choose a new path. Sometimes that means eloping. Our Nebraskan bride, Angela, came to us tired, stressed and ready to change course with her wedding plans. There were too many outside influences pulling her in different directions and she had decided it was enough. As sad as this is to say, being in the wedding industry for so long, we see this all the time. Weddings are a luxury and often not treated that way. It can be hard for people to set boundaries for themselves and the people around them which creates the perfect atmosphere for stress to breed.

The fact that this couple realized what they wanted and went for it was quite incredible, we don’t see that too often. The whole reason Tiny Luxe Weddings was created was to give people like Angela and Kyle an out. To give them an option more beautiful and valid and ,meaningful than jumping off to the courthouse.

Working with them was a dream and directing their photography on the day of was so breezy. It was clear that they were in a wonderful place in their relationship and were content and fulfilled just to be in each other’s presence. Creating custom elopements like this offer so much opportunity just to be present in the moment with them and photograph a story worth telling. Customizing a small, intimate wedding for them meant we could customize our timeline to include as much time for portraits as we wanted. This garnished true emotion and organic moments of pure happiness between them.

Check out their video from Lacework Films here!

Planning a wedding or eloping in Nebraska doesn’t have to be stressful! Inquire today for the super secret events calendar with weddings ready to book through 2020. After that, you just sit back and enjoy that engagement! We’ve got this! Book your call to learn more!