4 Ways to Keep Your Friends While Wedding Planning

4 Ways to Keep Your Friends While Wedding Planning

Managing Expectations

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Engagement is here!! Your wedding planning is in full swing but you and your partner are so stressed out with planning and managing the opinions of others. From friends to family, everyone seems to have an opinion about planning the wedding of a lifetime. Engagement is a season of life that should be filled with celebrations and joy. There are so many wedding events to plan - engagement party, bachelorette party, bachelor party, showers, rehearsal dinner, not to mention the day of the wedding, and a day after the wedding brunch. Stress and expectations are high for everyone involved. Between guest lists, seating charts, religious or cultural wedding traditions, selecting a wedding party and so much more. Friendships will be tested! Here are 4 ways to keep your friends and minimize stress!

  1. Skip the Wedding Party

Your wedding will represent change for your friends. As we know, people often have difficulty with change. As a couple, it is best to avoid any hurt feelings by being aware of the burdon your wedding might be placing on others. There may be travel plans, parties, gift giving, and formal wear to buy. Remember, asking a friend to be in your wedding party might be asking them to change their plans, spending habits, and work schedule. Being a bridesmaid or groomsmen can be expensive. Expectations definitely go both ways. If you feel your personal expectations are not being met, consider putting yourself in your friends shoes. Think over what they might be feeling. Try to refocus on what is important by having a honest conversation with your friend or loved one.

Couples are deciding to let their friends enjoy being guests and skip the wedding party. By forgoing a wedding party, you allow your friends to wear what they want, as well as, spend less time and money on your wedding. Your friends can spend more time celebrating and less time stressing! Being part of your wedding can be a financial burden on friends. Give your friends a break and skip the sky high expectations!

2. Skip the Debt

When your engagement is in full swing, it's easy to let the wedding planning excitement get out of hand in a hurry! Busy couples can lose sight of the money spent when trying to meet expectations soon spending begins to grow out of control. More couples are going into debt to pay for their weddings than ever before. The average wedding in Nebraska is well over $30,000!! Starting your marriage with a mountain of debt is dangerous and troublesome. It is possible to have a lovely and elegant wedding without breaking the bank, if you manage your expectations. There is pressure from all sides when deciding the details of your wedding day. Stay firm with friends and loved ones by staying on track financially. The best way to stay on track financially is to cut your guest list. Let friends know you have a limited amount of space and you wish they could be there, but for financial reasons you need to keep it to an intimate wedding. Your friends will understand!

3. Opt For A Tiny Wedding

When stress and expectations are high, keep the focus on your love by having an elegant and lovely micro wedding. By staying close to home, here in Nebraska, and hosting a unique intimate wedding. Weddings in Omaha Nebraska are centrally located, and easy for guests to travel from the East coast or West coast. Let your friends know you have opted for a tiny wedding and space is limited. Keeping the guest list small can be difficult. When you set boundaries early in your wedding planning process, you help friends to understand your desires and minimize hurt feelings. Tiny Luxe Weddings has pre-planned micro weddings ready to book that are all inclusive starting at $7,500!

4. Have a local Elopement

There is no denying it! Elopements are trendy! When you choose to keep your wedding ceremony private you are limiting the guest list to just the two of you, or immediate family only. There is no chance of friends being upset for not being invited when you tell them no one is invited! Cut out ALL of the wedding planning stress by focusing on your relationship first. Eloping in the Midwest has never been easier! Tiny Luxe Weddings has luxury elopement packages including officiant, photographer, wedding planner, intimate ceremony space, dinner for two, cake, and fresh flowers for any day of the week staring at $2900.

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Don’t let the stress of wedding planning, friends expectations or financial burdens steal away your joy. Being engaged is a fun time that is short. Stay focused on what is important by being intentional about what you and your fiance want out of your wedding plans. Planning a wedding in Nebraska doesn’t have to be stressful!  

Always remember your wedding is yours and is unique to you and cannot be compared to others. Remember to keep the focus on you as a couple to avoid stress while wedding planning. Keep the love for your partner in mind when facing the expectations of others. Stand your ground and politely share your feelings to keep stress to a minimum. You will be able to embrace the joy and truly enjoy the day!



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