Why Colorado Elopements are NOT All That

Why Colorado Elopements are NOT All That

3 Reasons to choose an Omaha, NE elopement instead.


Destination elopement are a big deal. You know, like, get married on a mountain and all that jazz. This, along with many other millennial type trends have our Instagram feeds looking so fly. However, wait for it, is there more to life, more that our souls need, than a pretty Instagram photo?


She didn’t.

I did.

Here at Tiny Luxe Weddings, we completely understand the draw of running away and eloping on a mountain top in Colorado. It’s beautiful, romantic and a little adventurous, right? However, as times change, so do traditions and eloping simply isn’t what it used to be. Eloping, has become more of a production, like a wedding, than simply running off in secret to be with the one you love most. Younger couples today, while having smaller weddings in general, are still desiring all of the beautiful elements that make up a traditional wedding, for their elopement. They still want the wedding gown, the florals, the cake and the fun! So what is a modern elopement? In sort, it’s a mini wedding, and we are all about that! Kimberly and I are now both Omaha residents, so it can be hard for us to watch so many couples run off to elope in Colorado when amazing things are right here for them to take advantage of.

We also know that it can be difficult to see the magic that is right in front of you when you have lived in one place for so long. That is why we are so glad to be here to help point the magic out to you!

Here are 3 reasons to choose an Omaha, NE elopements over running off to Colorado.

  1. Loess Hills

    Yes, Colorado does have mountains. But, like, who cares when you have over 200 miles of scenic hill country to drive through! The Loess Hills situated just on the outskirts of Omaha, boasts incredible views and plenty of opportunity for bad ass wedding and engagement photos!

  2. Shop Local

    Running off to another state or even just another city can kind of leave your local small businesses just sitting in the dust. If you really care about the place you live stop to think about the incredibly cool impact it would have to host your wedding in your hometown. Not only are all of your vendors gaining business and putting that back into the community, but you will be able to look back and feel like the route you started have grown even deeper. 

  3. Trending Wedding Market

    Colorado is an incredibly popular tourist destination and also very popular for weddings and elopements. Generally when places like this become that popular they get pigeonholed in one style. The beauty of Omaha being an up-and-coming wedding market is that wedding vendors are digging deeper and trying harder to come up with new amazing luxe and trends for their piece of the industry. This part of the Midwest gets to live a little more free and a little more creatively. This works excellently in your favor because not only will you be getting something unique to you, you will be getting creative wedding vendors who are breaking the mold just to make you smile.

While I fully believe in everything I just wrote, more importantly I believe that every engaged human should get what they want out of their elopement or wedding. this is for YOU, not your mother, not me, not anyone else. Go where your heart tells you too. If you have more questions about all of the amazing things that the Omaha wedding industry has to offer, give us a ring, we would be happy to chat!

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Planning a wedding in Nebraska doesn’t have to be stressful!

Inquire today for the super secret events calendar with weddings ready to book through 2020. After that, you just sit back and enjoy that engagement! We got this! Book your call to learn more!

Tell us, what are some of your favorite things about Omaha, NE?