Love has Struck and You Hired Tiny Luxe - Now What

Love has Struck and You Hired Tiny Luxe - Now What

What to do with your time now that you aren’t wedding planning!


If you don’t know by now, we have that wedding planning thing on LOCK! Here at TLW we pre-plan intimate weddings that are luxurious, Instagram worthy and effortless ( for you). There is no need for our couples to plan because we have done everything!

How does that even work? Well, we come up with trending designs and themes, plan a wedding around that, and set a date, all you have to do is pick the date with a theme that best fits you and reserve one of the three wedding spots for that day.

*Pause for slow clap standing ovation….

We are the only wedding planner in Omaha doing it all for you! That begs the question - what should you do with your time, now that you aren’t wedding planning? Here is our comprehensive list of super fun things for you love struck cuties to do instead of spending hours and hours planning a wedding. 

4 Fun things to do instead of wasting your time planning your wedding. 

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  1. Go traveling!

    Visit distant ports of call, go skiing in the mountains of Colorado, or ride a train across America. No matter what you choose, you will have the funds because not only is Tiny Luxe stress free but we also save you tons of money! Not sure how? Check out our starting pricing...

  2. Stay close to home, and enjoy brunch in the city of Omaha.

    Our favorite brunch spots have the most yummy food and really hit the spot for a lazy weekend spent together. We love Upstream Brewing Company for a buffet brunch that will leave you so satisfied! We also love OverEasy in West Omaha.

  3. Throw a dinner party for your friends.

    Many of our couples choose to save their friends the trouble of serving as a member of the wedding party. It can be tough on your friends to be a member of your wedding party. Instead, show them how much you care by treating them to a meal in your home complete with wine pairings from Howard Street Wine Merchant.

  4. Commit to regular date nights.

    A marriage with regular date nights is a wonderful thing!! Start your engagement off right by committing to a monthly date night with your partner. Check out the latest issue of our magazine with the best date night ideas in Omaha by signing up or our email list below.

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Take time to slow down and enjoy your engagement by having fun, connecting with family and making a commitment to your relationship. Your engagement doesn’t have to be a stressful time. It can be easy. 

When we conceptualized this business we wanted to be one thing - the only full service resource for intimate weddings in Omaha. Planning a wedding in Nebraska doesn’t have to be stressful!

We know you’ve been struck by the love bug, so the next step is to Inquire today for the super secret events calendar with weddings ready to book through 2020. After that, you just sit back and enjoy that engagement! We got this! Start the conversation to learn more!

Always remember your wedding is yours and is unique to you! 



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