Omaha, NE Date Magazine

Omaha, NE Date Night Magazine

Pre-planned Date Night Ideas to End that Bothersome Question “ I dunno, what do you want to do?”


Listen y’all, let’s be honest, that question gets thrown around only because no one wants to take on the responsibility of a potentially bad date. two things, you have to sometimes take risks in order to make someone you care about feel special, but if you can’t make yourself go for it Tiny Luxe Weddings can still make you into a hero! We have been in Omaha a short time, but we are loving getting to know it on a local level. We are still excited about everything this Nebraskan city has to offer and are finding amazing little gems through Omaha and it’s surround cities and towns.

That’s right, it’s here! Tiny Luxe Weddings all new pre-planned date night magazine is flying off the shelves and couples everywhere are happier than they have ever been! OK, perhaps I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself. Besides they won’t be on the shelves anyway. Why? This Omaha dates magazine is exclusively for our fans who have taken the time to follow along on our crazy journey. So how do you get one? It’s simple really! Just sign up for our email list and receive an instant download.

This magazine will come out four times a year and will feature a real Tiny Luxe couple, like Morgan and Tanner who you can see here at their West Omaha wedding at Nuri Event Studio,  and an array of activities, games, advice and yes, you guessed it, fully pre-planned date night ideas in the Omaha and surrounding areas.

What exactly is a pre-planned date night? Well, I guess you’ll have to sign up for the email list and download the magazine to know for sure but we hear that they are magical little itineraries that will make anyone look like a date night rock star! That’s right, download it and surprise your fiancé. We give you permission to take full credit for the full dates you will find it each issue. People want to feel surprised, pampered, loved and a little adventurous so why not take our advice and become a hero in the eyes of your partner?

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Now, for the fun part, why did we put this together in the first place? Well, when you choose a  Tiny Luxe wedding, you are choosing to live and engagement free of stress and worry about any wedding planning details. Kimberly and I have and are continuing to do extensive research on the Omaha, Lincoln and surrounding wedding markets to create the most amazing intimate weddings for everyone who lives in this part of the Midwest. Either you’ve chosen one of our pre-planned weddings in which case you literally have nothing to worry about other than the clothes you’re going to wear and sending out the included invitations. Or perhaps you’ve chosen a custom elopement in which case we are hand holding you through the process of designing your dream elopement and taking care of the boring and bothersome details. In either case, you have time to relax and enjoy each other while being engaged, take this opportunity to get to know the beautiful city of Omaha again. Too many people do not take the time to enjoy their engagement and this exciting time in there lives. We are giving you the power and the permission to do this but we also know that with this time you’ll need something to fill it up. 

Just because you are engaged does not mean you can start slacking in the dating department. Continue to date and get to know one another, strengthen your relationship and get closer. Kimberly has given you some excellent ideas in our last blog post that you can see here. Now we will bring it all together with an incredibly helpful and incredibly FREE download only for our email list. 

Need another awesome reason to become a Tiny Luxe Wedding couple? Only our booked couples will get access to every single issue! 

So don’t hesitate and sign up today because our first issue is live!