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How to Elope Close To Home

Omaha Nebraska


With the surge of young couples running off to elope away from home, there have also been an incredible number of resources popping up to help them achieve it. Wedding vendors are practically frothing at the mouth to be a part of an incredible elopement story. We are no exception, however, it left us wondering, what kinds of resources do people have when they want to elope or have truly intimate ceremony close to home? Well, we did a search, and you know what we came back with? Nothing. Not one piece of advice out there for couples who want to have a beautiful and meaningful ceremony for just the two of them, in their own hometown. Our beautiful Omaha, NE has an incredible amount of secrets, hidden gems and little treasures throughout the city and the surround hills. It’s a wonderful place to get married and an even more beautiful place to call home. Why not roll both of those things into one?

Here at Tiny Luxe Weddings, in Omaha, we believe that a couple-centered celebration should be at the heart of every wedding and elopement, no matter where you have it. So, we wanted to get you started on your way to a truly special, and local, elopement with our new blog post series.

We will focus on several different topics including, the best wedding venues in Omaha, NE for small weddings, hidden places in Omaha and Lincoln for great newlywed portraits, Omaha, NE wedding vendor spotlights, ask an Omaha wedding planner, ask an Omaha photographer, and so much more. We will also be providing wonderful tips along way for anyone getting married anywhere!

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So, what are 5 quick wedding planning tips we can send you off with today?

  1. Know the difference between a professional wedding vendor and a faux vendor. Hint: it’s not always about the price tag, however, that can’t be a huge red flag.

  2. Take time to discover what you and your partner both feel is most important about your wedding. You do not want anybody to walk away feeling like they were not heard, and we’re not happy with the outcome. This is a day to celebrate the union between the both of you so you should begin the planning process that way by prioritizing your budget in a way that puts the highest percentage on things you both value most.

  3. Make sure to research regulations where you live to in sure that your wedding vision isn’t competing with any laws. You definitely don’t want to be surprise later on down the line when you’ve already planned a piece of your wedding that you find out at the last minute can’t happen.

  4. Work with your vendors! You hire professionals so that you can rely on them when it comes to planning and executing your perfect wedding day! Ask them for advice and suggestions.

  5. Don’t forget to be kind to one another! Wedding planning can be a stressful time for a couple. Partners often get pushed aside when one of you or the other, or both, hyper focus on wedding planning. You don’t want to start off your marriage with negative space between you no matter how beautiful your wedding was.

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Here at Tiny Luxe Weddings we collectively have over two decades worth of experience as professionals in the wedding industry. More and more often in recent years, we are seeing couples abandon plans or dreams for a large wedding in search of a more couple centered, intimate way to get married. This is why Tiny Luxe Weddings was born. We chose to take our expertise and turn it into a service for couples searching for a better alternative. Sometimes couples come to us at the beginning planning stages and sometimes they come to us after they have already hired and put down deposits for other vendors. Many times we can even work with vendors you have already hired.  

If the content we provide you with in our blog posts helps you keep your sanity while continuing to plan your own wedding, then we have done an excellent job! However, if it any point you feel like planning your own wedding becomes too overwhelming and stressful please book a call with Katie and Kimberly so that we can help you give you your wedding dreams back!

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While we know what sort of amazing content is missing out there on the web, we want to know, what do YOU need to see more of? What is it that YOU need help with when planning your wedding, intimate ceremony or elopement? As always, ask your questions below and you never know, it may just be the topic of our next blog post or youtube video (coming soon!)